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Our Fan Engagement Framework

It's easy to be overwhelmed when thinking about how to maximize the engagement of your fans.  There are so many opportunities, where do you start? We often see athletic departments make the mistake of analyzing data to implement a handful of adjustments that impact specific, individual touchpoints. However, without a larger strategy for how to approach fan engagement, unorganized adjustments fail. Our Fan Engagement Framework allows athletic departments to truly assess the improvements to their organization that have the most impact on fans' engagement and the athletic department’s brand.

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(1) Operational Excellence

Make your fan engagement FRAMEWORK Smart

This pillar is about enhancing "WHAT we do. When an organization is Smart, it delivers well upon critical decision sciences, from strategy, finance, technology, to stadium way-finding and atmosphere. Using EngageMint's expertise working with the largest and most admired companies in the world, we can help your team get Smarter. 

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(2) Service Culture

Make your fan Engagement framework healthy

This pillar is about enhancing HOW we do what we do."  When an organization is Healthy, it has little confusion, high levels of moral and productivity, low turnover among good people, and its employees are genuinely eager to serve one another, as well as the customers. EngageMint can help your team get Healthier. 

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(3) Storytelling

make your fan engagement framework understood

This pillar is about enhancing "WHY we do what we do."  When an organization is Understood, potential customers will spend their time, money and energy with you. In today's world, with an endless amount of options to spend discretionary income and time, your athletic department needs a compelling story as to why your brand is the right choice. EngageMint will help your team become Understood.

By far our most important facet. Meet the people who make our clients' transformations possible.

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David Millay, Managing Partner

David leads our team focusing on Service Culture and Customer Experience. As he helped build Disney Institute’s ventures into the Sports market, David has led relationships and worked on projects with iconic brands such as the University of Kentucky, NFL Super Bowl, Orlando City Soccer Club, and the NCAA.  In these projects, David and his team helped organizations adapt and apply Disney best practices to enhance and intentionalize service experiences, for both employees and fans alike.

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Rick Jones, Senior Partner

Rick leads our team focusing on Storytelling.  As the “Captain” of Fishbait Marketing, a sports and entertainment sponsorship/event marketing consultancy based in Charleston, South Carolina, Rick has worked with many of the world’s premier corporations.  Rick has advised and implemented sports, entertainment and cause-related marketing programs for iconic brands such as Werner Ladder, Nabisco, Mastercard, Dollar General and the Atlantic Coast Conference.

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Mike Millay, Senior Partner

Mike leads our team focusing on Operational and Organizational Excellence.  After almost 20 years as an executive with the Walt Disney Company, Mike helped build the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex into the busiest sports complex in the world, overseeing business development, sales, marketing and event management teams. Mike now advises a myriad of municipalities and facility owners on operational designs and feasibilities, as well as helping develop revenue optimization models to spur growth.

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